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You seem to have this interesting opinion that the "majority" of yours prefer to kill 2 bosses, get tons of repair bills, leave the 3rd alive, and expect to be entitled for better loot after choosing not to complete the flashpoint. Just because other bosses aren't dropping Rakata pieces as well doesn't mean any injustice is being done. In fact if all bosses dropped Rakata it would completely overrule Operations content as they are not as easily repeatable as LI HM. In order to make sure current content stalls playerbase for as long as possible, Bioware can't afford spoonfeeding the noobs with loot. Those noobs will have to work themselves to get it.
Many groups have such problem, especially first time beat LI. Since they are at same difficulty, they should all drop something useful to columi groups.

Why? Just make it drop implants/relics/bracers/belt/relic so you still have to get most of the rakata pieces fron OPS.

What noob? Run Tier 2 HM with Tier 1 HM's drop is noob? Not even Bioware thought this way, as they recommend people to run LI HM with Columi.