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who cares your using the wrong tree in the first place
Thank you for that constructive post. Since you took the time to write it I will show the courtesy to briefly respond in kind:

I have played three Vanguards and have tried full Shield Specialist, Assault Specialist (presumably the "right" tree you indirectly reference), Tactics and Tactics with Ion Cell. I completely agree that AS is a fine and fun tree to play, even with the range changes. However we have three trees and are intended to use any of these three trees; granted some (in our class or others) may be considered sub-optimal for certain purposes, but any can be played if they match the intention of the player and meet the personal playstyle of said player.

For me personally, the two Tactics variants I've played are perhaps the most enjoyable in the game. I can hold my own effectively and have outperformed many (I will restrain from the use of the word "incompetent" since they may not have found a class/build that suits them and there are many factors affecting an individual's playing ability) players of the Assault Specialist trees (and equally been defeated by the better ones). It's a tree I enjoy, it's a tree I'm good at, and it's a tree that I can usually win with. That doesn't sound like the wrong tree to me.

My sincerest apologies to all others for derailing the thread (a lot :P ) but I just wanted to address that, hopefully not too curtly.
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