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It just pulls you out of the scenes so much. Not to mention that when we asked for the hood-down armor from the splash screen we asked for the EXISTING robe to have the hood down, not some trench coat with body armor. Then factor in that they INTENTIONALLY put 2 hoods on Revan's chest piece (the hood down from Maelstrom and the hood up shoulder-wrap-towel-pool-noodle thing) just made it worse. Now for Marauders I KNOW I want a hood-up version of the Jedi Myrmidon robe. That would be amazing. Even a few of the Juggernaut ones. But neither side has been thrown a bone here.

There's no winning. And honestly I'm contemplating waiting for Marvel Online just because I KNOW they wont screw up iconic looks.
CoX had an almost limitless variety of costumes; I could sit for hours in their costume designer. RIP CoX (and "boo" Champion's). In Marvel Online it looks like you're stuck playing an actual marvel hero/villain (not inventing your own variation) - not too interested.

I agree that many of the cut scenes in this game are bad with hoods and it is mind boggling that we're now paying lots of extra $ for a hood down option (I see a smiley face in the Indian design/pattern they put on the butt of the Aspiring Knight's vest - can't wear it without feeling way too goofy).