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Your characters are wonderful and you put them into incredible situations. I'm simultaneously feeling terrible for Ruth, Wynstone and Cole, bad for Quinn, and very amused by Larr Gith. (Scourge would assure me that my opinion on himself is completely irrelevant.)

Thanks for writing so much!
Thank you! I'm glad Larr Gith is around to be b*tchy because these other guys are going to be a drag for a while. At least they (most of them?) are working for a good cause.

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No, that's a legitimate concern, given human nature. This setup can work for some couples and some brains. Long story short, Ruth doesn't let it get to her and she's one of the lucky few who can acknowledge but not obsess over it. The only possible outcome of talking about Wynston's other women is to say that he'll still do it and neither of them wants to end what they have over it and wow, look at that, we just awkwarded our limited time together. Ruth is willing to skip that talk. She trusts that he does what he does for a good reason...we'll just see how that works out for her in the coming weeks.

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Eee, love these thoughts! I think 1) anybody can be prone to jealousy, no matter what. The individuals and how they approach each other dictate just how prone. 2) is big; it turns out that on a scale of one to "shooting you in the face", "sleeping with other women" doesn't seem like that egregious an offense against fidelity. 3) While I don't think Ruth spends a lot of time thinking through the sex specifically, it is a fact that she loves Wynston in part for his work, she knows sex among other things are things he uses at work, and she trusts his judgment in using them appropriately.

I think Wynston mentioned some time ago that he always expected/wanted more than a part-time affectionate-but-aggressively-independent lover for her. Someone more than him. He knows on some level that that is what people are supposed to want, but Ruth likes the deal as offered, well enough to dismiss whatever occasional worrying she can't rationalize away, and he certainly doesn't feel bad enough about any perceived incompleteness to give up what she's offering, step aside, and leave her free to pursue someone else. She would probably lightly swat him and tell him to stop being an idiot if he tried.

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Lately while I read these, a mantra of 'please let this work out...please let this work out' keeps me constant company
...actually, me too.
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