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Actually, I hadn't seen that before. So that's interesting.

So due to the tireless efforts of people who don't like difficult content, HM LI has been nerfed twice, and now publically stated to suggest Columi gear, against the designers original view.

Soon HM LI will be nerfed again, or you will get what you want with lots of Rakata, and you will slowly turn this game into something that doesn't reward skill.

Then, the ONLY flashpoint that possesses any requirement of skill will have gone the way of the dodo.

I'm saddened and not a little annoyed.

And in Four G*****m Months of arguing in this thread, all my valorous attempts to budge your viewpoint ONE IOTA have been worthless.

Someone else needs to take up the torch. I'm sick of arguing on this point.
I'm not asking Bioware to nerf it, the fight is quite cool and does not take too long if we don't wipe horribly. I don't need anything from it anymore but I still love to try it.

Sure if possible, I hope LR-5 and Lorrick fight can be a bit more friendly to melee DPS.