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What i`m saying is that these people were rewarded with Columi pieces that they did not have, AND a piece of Rakata at the end. Only one piece of gear went to waste in the entire run, and nothing went to companions.
So if LR-5 and Sav Rak drop Rakata what's gonna to get worse?

Let's make this simple, LI HM is not impossible to beat with Tionese, some people could do it with companions. But the majority need mostly Columi to beat it, especially those who didn't run this FP many many times, if they ran this many times they usually don't need its drop beside the egg/pet/speeder. Columi is the drop from Tier 1 HM, run Tier 2 HM with Tier 1 HM's gear is not overgearing it. And Columi is recommended in the game by the developers.

So since Columi is recommended and it's exactly what most of the people need to beat this FP, and its 3 bosses are on the same level, all of them are significantly more difficult than all Tier 1 HM bosses, require columi to beat usually, and none of them is skippable. Why shouldn't they drop upgrade like Rakata implants/earpieces/relics/bracers/belts to players rather than useless columi?