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The Greater Threat

After countless lost battles to the new order, the Emperor and Jedi Council decided to create a strike team to attack the heart of this new threat. This was a desperate plan, but if it worked, it would mean the end of this galaxy wide peril. Alone each faction could barely make dents in the Dark One's forces, but together they at least had numbers. The Dark Order possessed technology never seen before. There were rumors that these people were't from this galaxy, but from another. Whether not this was true would be decovered soon.......

A shuttle lands in the capital of Alderaan. There were various types people, both Sith and Republic exiting it. They all walked into the grand hall of the large tower they were in. As they walked in, they could see a Jedi Grand Master and the Emperor himself at the far end of what seemed to be a meeting chamber.

"Welcome to Alderaan," Ashla said.

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