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No , you don't have the right to make a decision on what another player rolls . Do I behave this way ? Sometimes, its my choice not yours.
And this is whats going wrong with the world. People can only think of themselves and not others. Yes you took time to run the FP, you deserve your items, but so did the others that ran it and they deserve theirs just as much. Unless you can solo the FP you NEED THEIR HELP so respect them.

I am not telling you how you HAVE to act just how you should. No I cannot force someone to be thoughtful and courteous but I can encourage that behavior and /kick or /ignore those that wish not to act like human beings and/or adults. That is my choice. So yes you can need roll everything just to be a selfish a** but everyone else in that group can /votekick and/or /ignore you. So ask yourself, is need rolling that one comp item worth missing out on the rest of the FP loot (that you may ACTUALLY NEED) and dealing with ever increasing queue times due to being mass ignored