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The boy found his voice. "Did I pass?"

Minder Seventy-two nodded. "Oh yes, I expected you would. You didn't crumble, and you didn't run away, and you immediately implemented misdirection and delaying tactics by not answering my question but going on the attack. All as predicted. I told you, we've been watching you for a while. Our psychologists are pretty good at their jobs."

"Does everyone get recruited this way? How did you get in?"

"Everyone gets watched first, but the actual recruitment procedure varies. As for me, I'm the son of a Moff." He smiled, a little grimly. "I was watched from birth, believe me. Imperial service of some sort was not just expected, it was required." He picked up his empty coffee cup and looked at it, which reminded the boy about his juice, so he took another long swallow.

The Minder stood up. "I don't regret it. Intelligence is a niche that fits me very nicely."

He walked over to the drinks machine and refilled his cup. "You need to know that it's not an easy life, in Imperial Intelligence. Nor is it glamorous, or even exciting every day. Forget the holovis programmes. We spend our time in the shadows, getting our hands dirty, watching for trouble and preventing it or dealing with it when it happens, quietly clearing up other people's messes, doing a lot of morally very questionable things in defence of the greater good: a stable, coherent Empire. We are in constant danger, hated and feared simply for who and what we are. Few people know what we really do, far fewer ever thank us.”

Walking back to the table, he looked down at the boy. “But we will hone you and refine you. We will educate you to the highest level possible, and use that knowledge to do things you've never thought of. We will take very ability you have and stretch you in ways you can't even imagine. We will give you new skills: train you in deceit, sabotage, infiltration, seduction, diplomacy, assassination, whatever is needed to get a job done. And sometimes we will send you out to kill, and often into situations where there is a real possibility that you will be killed."
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