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I really like the way every ability you have plays off of each other as Madness, and you do get a feel for the timing if you play it enough. I just glance at the timers on the bars once in a while because Exploit Weakness in particular has a barely visible animation.

I took a look at Tor Assistant a while back, and it provides a way to set audio cues for when your buffs and debuffs expire. You may find it helpful.

Another option you can try (if you haven't yet) is Shockless, where you don't take any talents buffing Shock and take it out of your rotation entirely. You don't have the spike of force shortage that can throw your timing off and it's in the running DPS-wise with the shock build, depending on the fight.

If you still don't like it, make the playstyle you like work. Deception is less awful than it was.
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