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Actually, the developers included that because most players, when they're learning content, need better gear than what it was designed for in order to not die horribly. If someone already knows HM LI, they can queue up in pure Tionese and have no problems whatsoever. It's the same reason why the developers want people in Tionese in order to do the baseline HM FPs: even though they're not designed with Tionese in mind, the average new player can't handle them without overgearing them so they have to recommend people overgear them until they actually understand what they're doing (since those tooltips are for new players rather than experienced ones).
Wait, the drops should not base upon new players and the majority but those who already did it and run it for BH comm? It is recommended to go with Columi in the game. How is columi overgearing?

Sure it's totally possible to beat it with Tionese or even companion but most people could not do it nor is it recommended to do, many of these "tionese groups" already beat it before many times with better gear, then try it for a challenge or they only have 1-2 members with tionese in the group, that's a lot different than "it's recommended to do with Tionese". I've run it through with many groups, but pug groups with tionese usually failed horribly in LR-5. Are you saying the drop should base on the elite people rather than new players who are trying it for gear?