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12.26.2012 , 03:09 PM | #2
I think madnessin is too high maintenance for not enough reward. You have to watch your target's buff bar for death marks, discharge, and creeping terror (if you go full madness), and you have to watch your own bar to keep unearthed knowledge up, and watch for exploit weakness and raze. I don't think there's enough of a reward in it, deception has become much more viable in the last couple patches and the rotation is much simpler.

Another thing that turned me off to madnessin is I leveled a sorc. Madness is MUCH simpler for them; keep affliction (discharge) and death field up, spam force lightning, use crushing darkness/lightning strike when they proc (they proc just from FL). Not to mention madness sorcs can go hybrid and get some great synergy from the lightning tree. There's not really much to be gained out of darkness or deception for a madnessin past the first tier. Plus of course the madness sorc gets to sit at 30 meters all the time.

Stick to deception. It's a lot less crap to watch, and the only decent DPSsins I've seen are deception. Volt slash, volt slash, shock, discharge on cooldown, maul on proc, blackout at the end of a force heavy rotation or as a cooldown when you might be taking heavy damage (force cloak as well). And of course, always begin your combat in stealth mode for the free dark embrace.