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1. Never sound off when angry. Throw something first. Or kick something inanimate with a lot of rebound potential. If it comes back at you there is the chance to feel empowered when it is deflected. Or you take it in the face, which, if you have a sense of humor, can be it's own reward. Organic life forms are off limits, though. You can also flip over a desk which is probably best tactic yet. By the time you've got everything picked up and your computer monitor back in place you are now calm enough to come here and state your case.

2. Indeed, different RP styles abound. I personally find current RP servers too scripted and theatrical for my taste. The style discourages outside participation which I think lends itself to the misconception that RPers are arrogant. Not that I don't enjoy being audience to some of these "plays" but I prefer more fluid realism in my own RP in the sense that my everyday life isn't scripted so I don't play my character that way either. I am my character regardless of location or circumstance and any random player walking up to me will meet my character in-Role. But it is harder and harder to find the Organic RP style on RP servers anymore so I ultimately moved off Ebon Hawk.

That being said, I never experienced the things you described here while I was on Ebon Hawk, but maybe that is because the Organic rp style never put me at cross purposes with those sorts of people.

3. What the heck is a mute?