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I dont see why having either a gear check for SM EC and Terror from beyond isnt possible and a 2nd tier for group finder pugs would fail. Wow does it and yes most groups fail at the start of new content but with in 1 - 2 weeks everyone knows the tactics (and yes bosses have been nerfed for group finder raids). But saying that a. the group finder groups automatically fail, you suggest that everyone who isn't in a guild is not a good player/situationally aware/not good at their class (rotations and basic theory crafting). not only posters on this forum say, but its seems bioware feels this way too (I may have read out of context but its how it comes across to me) and b. your progression stops at KP. So what do i do now? dailies? log on once a day do the daily HMFP and slowly grind away to get Black hole gear in a possible chance i might find someone making a pug group for tier 2 OPS? (which is what ive been doing so far) Its disheartening as I really liked the concept of swtor and i really like the game. but im bored, I would love to see the Tier 2 ops on the group finder and i think players would have a better experience than expected, because at the end of the day everyone wants to experience end game and will make the effort to be part of it.
Here's what I suggest you do:

1. When you run pug HM FPs and get grouped with really good players, add them to your friends list.
2. When they're online, try to pull them together for operations.

EC and TfB can be tricky to master and are heavily execution-based. Most people solve this by getting in a guild of like-minded people. If this is something you're not interested in, try the above. It will at least give you a starting point of people who are likely to do well in the ops.