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12.26.2012 , 01:48 PM | #109
1. Not knowing what's the actual going price for an item. There's no history information available and I don't have the time to track the market manually, so my best guess is to search for the item and take the lowest available price. Often I undercut a little since it's more important to get the item sole and out of my inventory than to make maximal profit on it.

2. No commodity market (selling in bulk and buying partial stacks). Selling large stacks of items is just horrible. If I don't split a large stack up, it won't sell. If I do split it up, usually the same person buys it all. It's also annoying to look for the lowest unit price in the search results.

3. People selling items for less than the cost of obtaining them. Luxury fabrics are almost impossible to sell, even if I just want to get rid of them and put a break-even price on them.