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I fail to see how having 2 Columi armor pieces, a Columi weapon, and a Rakata chest drop from one flashpoint isn't a marked upgrade from every other flashpoint. Every other flashpoint drops 2 or 3 Tionese pieces and a single Columi at the end, with MAYBE a Columi earpiece, implant (BoE, and usually reasonably priced on the GTN) or belt, all of which are minor gear pieces when compared with armor and weapons.

This may be incorrect, but I'm getting the impression that you don't do many ops either, or at least none that are punishing to people who don't obey mechanics. Do you find that they aren't worth the reward either?

I'm hearing "ERMAHGERD! It's sooooo hard! It should drop Campaign gearz!". But, hey... it's after 5 AM... sometimes my hearing is off when it gets to be this late.
This FP is made for Columi groups, most of the people so it should drop upgrade to them.
Tier 1 HM drops columi in the end, previous bosses drop tionese or
1. relic
2. columi implants/earpieces
3. columi belt/bracer
4. Exotech pieces
These are all upgrade to tionese players. But does Sav Rak and LR-5 drop anything like this to give Columi players upgrade? No, and their difficulty is higher than any Tier 1 HM boss, why shouldn't they drop rakata implants/earpieces or belt/bracer or high level relics?.

You may keep this and copy/paste it when you're in a PUG that needs guidance. These are roughly the same basic instructions that i give to every new person or group that I've done HM LI with, many of which have (unwisely) skipped SM LI.
It's very simple, most of the people need columi to beat the bosses, of course they should drop upgrade to them. The difficulty should match its drop, simple and easy.

It's worth 8 + 5 BH comms. Most players that i know do HM LI at least once a week for that, and some, like myself, do it more than once a week, due to alts and friends/guildies.
No, the 8 is weekly and many of them do it with rakata or higher gear.