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Agreed re: stun wars.

To my earlier comment re: the player's question on min/maxing -- that is a failure of leadership, IMO. ROTJ is taking strides to become a formidable opponent by driving education, training, and experience into all of its players. It may not be a week, or even a month from now, but we will be fielding competitive teams again soon. And when we do, the barometer for success will be measured by our competitiveness against both ID and Physics.
Master Adi-Wan is correct, and I must confess to being the mmo NOOB who asked about min\max...however, I will say min\max for a pure Vanguard tank can be quite subjective, not to mention the possible sheer relevance of a pure Vanguard tank in PvP. I know most would prefer to mitigate the lack of damage protection from almost anything that's not a blaster by using DPS friendly gear. I WILL get there however, and even now can hold off quite a few from capping until Cal, Adi or someone else rescues me! ;-p

Not having any real stun, and they nerf the range on the one small stun we do have as a Vanguard shield spec, I feel us and the PT tanks are on the worst end of the stun stick. Man, if we can't have a decent stun, they could at least give us some special buff or increase the time we have full resolve... I feel I have a chance against almost every class, but them dang Agents. LOL, I can't hardly put any damage on them, but it wouldn't matter as they stun-lock and DPS me to death....and fast.

Also, that Donna is freaky good! I played the new WZ with her today and I swear, she was healing me from the east pylon while I was mid! Every time I was about to munch it, there she an angel with giant gun-heals!