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So it should have better drop.
One day we'll find a new topic to debate and it will be refreshing.

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Why? You should deserve the work and skill you put on the game. Will you accept it if your boss let you work a lot and pay you little?
Actually, yes. Let's stay within your analogy for a bit. I'm a salaried computer programmer irl. This means I don't get paid for overtime. I can be skilled player and defeat (complete) operations (project) and get good loot (bonuses for on-time delivery) or I can be a less skilled player and overgear (work overtime) the instance.

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What reason? LI gives nothing BiS, if the drop does not match its difficulty, then less people will do it. Most of the people will overgear it. It's a game, it's pointless to spend a lot of effort for nothing, that's why Tier 1, EV/KP, EC and TFB HM all offer upgrade rather than let people "become better". That's a lame excuse.

No, only LI HM is the exception.
This part of the argument is one I'm a little tired of, because we keep saying the same things back and forth and it doesn't change.

1. I say that SM EC and SM TfB don't give good loot either (compared to their difficulty), because they're Tier 2 operations.
2. Then you say that SM EC and SM TfB don't need to give good loot because they're practice for HM.
3. Then I say that HM LI is good practice for T2 ops.
4. Then you ignore that point.
5. Then I say that Hard Mode EC for first-timers (and who aren't being carried by a guild) have crappy drops as well. The first time I went all the way through HM EC on my first level 50 (Commando dps), I won 2 drops of Campaign gear but ended up sending them to alts, because they weren't upgrades over my BH.

How is this not similar to the situation with HM LI?

I wish we could come to an accord on this, but it seems we're on opposite ends of a Bloods/Crips fight and "ne'er the twain shall meet"