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12.26.2012 , 10:19 AM | #1
Does it feel this way to you?

I know healers are now and have been something you want in a warzone but everyone is so geared now groups are dropping you through a stun when focus firing with relative ease.

It's hit and miss on the groups but it's starting to feel to me like if you don't have at least one healer may as well not queue unless you're ok with losing. Used to be if you had enough dps to power through their heals you could still win but everyone who plays a decent amount at all should be min maxed now.

All things considered, we should all be queuing ranked because it's getting to feel like ranked in regulars. Strongly considering bringing that 35 op up to 50.

Considered just running with 2 to lessen the odds of the other team having no healer either.
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