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My gripe with asassins is not their ability to counter me, (although there are many terrible that cannot kill me), my gripe with them are how universally good they are at everything. There are tons of things that i dont want to see in this class, force speed while cloaked for every spec? This should be in deception. Root cleansing? Why a tank that can cloak and also have force speed, and also incredibly high defense against which legshot can miss, deserves to have a root cleanse? You have tons of features like these that have been added just for the sake of versatility without puting serious thought into what exactly should the weaknesses of an assassin be.
Well the root break with force speed for tanks is needed for peeling, without that it would be to easy to separate a tank from the healer and keep them away from them. Never put to much thought into force speed and cloak being considered op.