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12.26.2012 , 10:17 AM | #9
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At best i think there should be a voting screen for which warzone to play once all players are queued for a match, aside from that, I'm against being able to filter out certain warzones as it can and will slow down the queue's and certain group compositions will only queue for one type of warzone. As much as I hate warzones like CW and huttball, the current random warzone selection is good because it keeps variety in the games instead of just doing the same ones over and over again.
I don't like being able to choose warzones but voting would be fun if it was randomized. I mean I don't want to play the same new warzone all day either. When a new one would come out everyone would vote for that for like two weeks straight. But voting is good. But I love huttball. If this ruined huttball I would cry.