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1. The Harbinger.
2. All toons.
3. Crashes at most 2 times a day but can be as long as 2 weeks between CTD,s. Example swtor crashed on the 23rd and 24th by prior to that was the 9th. And i play just about every day.
4. Typically happens either while loading the game and or while alt tabbed out of the game. I often alt tab out while switching zones and waiting for the new zone to load.



7. I only experience infrequent CTD's. It's memoryman.dll and MSVCR90.dll both at the same time. I'd guess one is causing the other to fail? Those are the only ones i get for this game except for bad vid card drivers errors from the past. 310.70 drivers have yet to error. I never get kernellbase errors. Other then the now and then CTD's i have no issues. Latency is fine. No FPS issues. No sound issues. Memory never exceeds 2gb total for this game. I don't run the game in any compatability mode and i do not use any memory management tools and or ram disks.

I have and do run lots of benchmark programs and mem test programs in which i score faily high and memory tests all pass. My comp is tweaked for performance and i'm using the drivers, bioses and firmwares that i like for reliability and performance both. Comp is also overclocked but well below it's maximum potential for ~100% stability. It has never blue screened. I usually leave my computer on, no sleep or hybernate, for up to 2 weeks before doing a reboot as well. Max i believe is 1 month without a reboot. Now and then the game may feel a little sluggish. If so i'll restart the game or if it's been a week or so between reboots i'll reboot the comp and i'm back to normal.

Compared to other games i find swtor to be as stable or unstable as any other game i play. tsw crashed today. Planetside 2 crashed 2 times the last time i played it a few days ago as examples. So it's on par with all the others. For me anyways.

Oh i might add that although dxdiag shows me using a pagefile i actually have it turned off. So i expect now and then to CTD as i run out of memory. So i can accept the infrequent CTD's i have which may be due to this. I'll take a random CTD now and then over the slowness of the pagefile system any day.
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