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12.26.2012 , 09:40 AM | #22
TD build is a must in PVP, without out it your might as well be a madness sorc and dot everything up. (ok thats going to far i know lol) I havn't PvP'd on my PT recently but i've played him since launch. PvP I used a 7/3/31 build and dominated the on avg. 12k bursts with TD is too much for healers to deal with so quickly. Pve w.o TD is the way to go. The only advice i'd give is be very careful using IM in PvP causes for very quick overheats, i found only really using it on healers trying to burn them down was the way to go. Using it on other targets it is honestly a waste of heat seeing as you kill them in about 5 gcd's. That is really the whole key to the spec is to be able to manage the extra heat TD throws at you. People not using TD in pvp just can't hack it imo.