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Nope, on the contrary. See this:

War Hero Eliminator: (4) Increases the critical chance of Rail Shot or High Impact Bolt by 15%.

This is why you get the Eliminator PvP set. The Eliminator PvE set, which is what you are looking at, has zero usage for Powertechs in PvP. The PvP set, however, has the best bonus for Pyrotechs, beating Combat Tech PvP. Second, 1100 Expertise is not going to suffice. You really want to hit 1200 Expertise at the least, and it's going to extremely hard to do so with Campaign gear. Once you hit 1200 or so Expertise, then you can start switching out the PvP mods and such for PvE ones since you'll get more Aim/End then.

The PvP spec you want as a Pyrotech is 4/6/31 typically, though I know some like to use 7/3/31.
Thanks Bro, You helped me a lot! Thanks for the answers guys!