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Hmm don't think I agree with that one if your adding the old guilds like IT and White talons I would have to rate IT as number 1 seeing as how they won over ID because it didn't have the players it has now. Also wanted was a great deal better back then also if your going back and adding old guilds. If you go by todays guilds that pvp I would say ID,Physics, after that Its tough to savy who is better resilience or wanted. Then you have DJ and Wook not sure who wins that one but us in resilience havnt lost to them. Wait why is C.k saying who's best how often do you do ranked? I don't mean ID before someone says oh why don't you Que ranked cause I know its coming I have 150 + games played on my main. So I do Que ranked just not for you to farm me with bad players on my team.
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