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This is why I try to avoid low level flashpoints alltogether. These kinds of things happen a lot less when you're running a HM flashpoints.

I've seen tanks who were dps spec'ed, I've seen Commando dps's join as healer because it's faster to get a group, I've seen sentinels in Willpower light armor with Cunning gear mixed in between, and heck I even saw a level 22 trooper! Not a commando or vanguard, a level 22 trooper!!

I understand that it takes time for new players to understand and learn the rules, and most of the time I'm a calm person who tries to explain things. But I've seen so many idiots (sorry to say that) and at the end I lost my will to struggle with all those things. Now I'm leveling a Shadow tank and nope, I won't be doing any low level flashpoints.

It's fine to ask the group if you want something for a companion. If everyone is fine with that, you take it and give it to your beloved Qyzen. But please try to remember that those other 3 people are not there to gear up your companions.

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