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ok now im going to bring the forces of Chaos to bare against Starwars, ok for starters the chaos fleets sport more fire power than that of the Starwars universe the death star isnt as small or as manoverable as the Planet killer, and isnt as destructive as the Black Stone fortrices are considering they have the power to send stars supernova, space battles would be based on heavy guns and shields that are designed to take damage against weapons that are capable of ripping a planets crust apart, so losses will be minimal on the ground the Lost and the Damned would be the cannon fodder of the chaos forces as they throw themselves at the armies of Starwars to soften them up for their masters ''Traitor legions of chaos space marines'' now everyone is on about how good the AT AT is now compaired to the 40k equivilent its nothing but a 4 legged coffin, out of the titan legions strengh the one that i can think of being the closest titan i can think of that is a even match for the AT AT is the warhound titan even then the AT AT is out classed because the Warhound is faster and more manoverable and carries the same type of shielding as their ships do, now if you want to talk about sith and jedi vs the powers of chaos then we are talking about the 4 gods of chaos and their patren armies and ideals fighting as one against Starwars so nurgle's plagues, slannesh's pleasures, khorn's blood lust and tzeench's ever changing ways uniteing against the jedi and sith, the sith would be the first to fall to the powers of chaos, its alure of promissed power and immortality is enough for most mortals to fall
the jedi wouldnt stand up for very long ether their want to study their enemy would be their downfall as the curuption of chaos is absolute and cant be resisted for long. im sorry Starwars fans but there wouldnt be a single way for Starwars to win in a battle against the forces of chaos