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12.26.2012 , 08:55 AM | #613
I still don't understand why BW nerfed our only snare, which is more over was awfully designed. Adding 2 sec snare to autoshot is something that lays beyond my comprehension. I have to deal crap damage to keep snare on. WHAT AN IDIOT thought it was a fine idea!? And later they nerfed it to 30% movement slow. /facepalm WT*, i asked myself. Now i have no even a slight chance to kite melees. We were shi*ty before and now became even worse.

As for the damage. My highest crit with 950-1270 damage, 79% crit multiplier, 1900 aim and 970 tech bonus damage is about 4.9k on full WH sorc. Meanwhile I get 6.6k-7.3k smashes, and 5.6k bladestorms (rep variant) each time i meet a well geared juggernaut/mara. Where's justice? We can't kite, we can't run away, we can't root, we can't burst coz of despellable skills... all we can is dealing average damage and die in seconds, that's it.

I love my class and having 3 alts i'm still sure i won't leave it. I play random wzs and feel more or less fine there coz we play against crap mostly. Meeting a really fine premade i feel a paper dummy. No fun, no joy, no satisfaction, nothing positive in commando gameplay. Makeb is the last chance. If they keep fuc*ing us with their nerfs there too i'll just leave.