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12.26.2012 , 08:40 AM | #268
ok now if 40k hit the SW universe everyone thinks its going to be the imperium that will hit them first, lets say they sit it out and left to the other races to play with SW and in my previous post i mentioned the tyranids so this time im going go bring the Dark Eldar into the fray, the sith lords will know fear like nothing before a they find that their Starships both out paced and out manovered by those of the Dark Eldar, as well as the weapons that have been known to smash most space defences into peaces with nearly no or little losses to them, on the ground the Dark Eldar's lightning fast strikes and weapons would reap a heavy tole on a armoured coloum, any and all captured men women and children wouldnt servive the encounter for very long as the hemonculases get to work on them, they are the only race in the 40k universe that sole focus is piracy and as such wouldnt be able to stand against a large army but isolated pockets of populas wouldnt stand a chance