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Again you asume 40k is going to focus on the star wars armies.
Between the imperial of man, chaos, tyranids, eldar, necro's and who know's what else killing eatchother.

It is quiet possibol for star wars to survive.

And if you read correctly i never said they could win militery speaking(second line)

The star wars universe much rely on staying below the threat radar until they can level the field.
i was under the impression that it would be the 40k universe vs the Starwars one if so
then 40k will be bringing all the enemies of the imperium into the fray aswell, the armies of the imperium could just sit back and watch the carnage from orbit and let one of the other races do the ground pounding while they just happley sit their and watch the fun on the sirface of any planet they hit, having said that if the tyranids came out of the warp on any planet the space battle would be short and sweet as the average Tyranid fleet size consists of over 10,000 ships of all different shapes and sizes, the standing armies of the planet would be subdued in less that 3 days based on the fact that the SW fortifications arent as sturdy as the 40k ones, within an hour 2 million tryanid creatures would be on the planet and the atmosfear would start to turn toxic, and within 1 week the planet (unless considerable reinforments are sent to help) the planet is left as a lifeless rock with no air, water or dirt left on the planet sirface as they move onto their next target or targets depending on what the hive mind deems to happen after that first planet is destroyed