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The Galactic Senate is the legislative and executive branch of the Galactic Republic, it's duty's are: mediate disputes between star systems, worlds and cultures, regulate trade between systems, protect and care for citizens in need and provide mutual defence in face of treads to the Republic. It is headed by the Supreme Chancellor (who has little real power other then calling for a emergency session and could be removed tru a Vote of no Confidence) and the Vice Chair (who is empowered to open, close and moderate debates on each motion which allowed him to control the agenda) and over 2000 Congressmen, Governer-delegetes and Representatives representing sectors, individual planets or even Corporations or Guilds. It is divided in many Committees and Sub-Committees, each handles various issues of galactic government and lawmaking, among others:
Senate Action Committee: is a limited committee established temporarily to deal with specific limited issues
Allocation Committee: supervised the budget of the Republic, taxation and government revenue
Finance Committee: oversees the budget of the Republic
Financial Appropriations Committee: supervises, among other things, monetary grants issued by the Galactic Republic to various organisations and charities. It has a reputation to be stiff necked.
Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee: oversees conduct of SIS and SBI
Internal Activities Committee: supervises the affairs of the senators and other ranking Republic officials, such as the Supreme Chancellor, ensuring that they don't do anything unethical or illegal. If misconduct was found, it was the Committee's duty to notify the Supreme Court and hand over all evidence of misconduct for prosecution
Security Council: is charged with overseeing security of the Galactic Republic
Senate Interspecies Advisory Committee: is aimed to limit inter-species tension and mediate an end to various inter-species conflicts, it is composes of Senators, Jedi and other experts
Senate Naval Subcommittee: oversees the Republic Navy, on of it's branches is Procurement Panel of the Senate Naval Subcommittee who oversees appropriations for the Republic Navy
Senate Budgetary Committee: oversees the budget for the Republic
Senate Committee on New World Discovery and Exploration: is responsible for funding as well as furthering exploration attempts of the galaxy
Senate Military Oversight Committee: is concerned with military spending required to defend constituent planets, it oversees planetary forces and Republic Army and Navy
Senate Security Committee: is concerned with security for the Senator's
Trade Commission: oversees trade and commerce throughout the galaxy and mediate disputes in such matters
Travel and Transport Bureau: is responsible for investigating troubles concerning transport ships across the galaxy
Judiciary Committee
Galactic Representative Commission is made up of junior senators who represent minority races on their homeworlds
Senate Bureau of Intelligence is the primary civilian intelligence service for the Republic and tasked with providing the Senate with domestic and foreign intelligence and to investigate possible security treats, bot internal and external to the Senate and it members. It is headed by a Director-General from the Senate Bureau of Intelligence Central
In addition to the formal committees there where informal political party's as well, there where 2 main ones:
Core Faction: mostly Human and mostly from the Core Worlds, there where politically liberal and so advocated increasing, or at least maintaining, the authority and power of the galactic government
Rim Faction: most where non-human and most where from Mid-Rim, Outer-Rim or special interest groups, they where politically conservative and so advocated reducing the power and influence of the Republic government, especially in economic and trade matter