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This thread is about HM flashpoints, that is why I donīt go into detail discussing how easy or not it is to get gear in operations. Feel free to start a thread of your own how everyone should skip HMs and go directly to operations since it is so much better according to you.

This thread is NOT about killing every boss in a flashpoint it is about bosskipping of the mobs players need to kill for loot. Even in Taral V there is a final boss that players skip eventhough he drops columni and players needs to beg the team for a bosskill.

Please leave operations out of this thread since it is off-topic
Quite ironic this is coming from you, I responded to your opinion one page ago about operations loot. I DID NOT bring up that topic. And this topic is not about killing every boss in a flashpoint? Ha. hahahahahahahhahahaha. You have been arguing FOR this for many pages now, your starting to become completely ridiculous.
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