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First of all it's much easier to get gear in operations than flashpoints. I have witnessed it first hand when I first leveled to 50. Let's not forget that SM operations are also very forgiving and very easy to learn. But just to be safe anyone can check some websites to get basic idea of what each boss is about. Someone in full Tionese can easily complete it, especialy in pug circumstances where you will also have a few geared and experienced people going as well. I disagree with your opinion on this Icestar. But even so if the flashpoint bosses have a direct upgrade for a Tionese geared people, I don't mind killing them -- But I will always reserme my right to refuse killing them too.
This thread is about HM flashpoints, that is why I donīt go into detail discussing how easy or not it is to get gear in operations. Feel free to start a thread of your own how everyone should skip HMs and go directly to operations since it is so much better according to you.

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I do disagree that having forced to kill every boss by mechanics in a flashpoint would suddenly make a lot of people stop doing flashpoints, it would remove some people but I don't think it would be too much. With the potential to get 35 BH comms a week - not to mention the FP weeklies, flashpoint will continue to be done by geared people, just lesser than it used to before. Slowly people who are done with BiS'ing their gear (like me) stop doing HM fp's altogether. I am full DG now I haven't been going to any hard modes for 2 weeks now.
This thread is NOT about killing every boss in a flashpoint it is about bosskipping of the mobs players need to kill for loot. Even in Taral V there is a final boss that players skip eventhough he drops columni and players needs to beg the team for a bosskill.

Please leave operations out of this thread since it is off-topic