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Quote: Originally Posted by RikuvonDrake
If you can skip bosses you should, if you know you need something from that boss then say that to your group if they are skipping it and they will naturally kill it, if not, just pull and they have to kill it
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That's it!

I don't understanding all the whining and crying over this. Just do as above and case closed.
It is not as simple as that, if it were things would be fine. What this 26 pages, 253 posts and 14,487 views thread discuss is the phenomenon of bosskilling in SWTOR. RikHar, I suggest you read through some of it before you dismiss it as whining and crying.

The only way to make things better is to discuss in a constructive way and provide feedback to Bioware. Time will tell if they care, even if they do not change their current FPs they might use this feedback for future creations.