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12.26.2012 , 05:44 AM | #6
It has been almost 2 weeks since I first reported this issue and not a word of acknowledgement about this issue.

Now I understand that there are shiny new things in the game that might be capturing all of the current attention, but someone really NEEDS to look into this.

We are talking about:
1) A Level 37 flashpoint that has existed since the beginning of the game.
2) It continues the story of a core character from the KOTOR series.
3) Everyone who has any interest in doing flashpoints will be doing this flashpoint multiple times from about level 35 to 39 (when using the Group Finder).

Taking all of the above into consideration, I find it incomprehensible that anyone can consider it normal (and as such, not worthy of note) that the *last* boss in this flashpoint is dropping gear that is several levels below anything else that is dropped in this flashpoint (there are "greens" that drop from trash that are higher level!).

Please can we get someone to look at this?
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