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12.26.2012 , 05:41 AM | #5
Tanking in PvP at the moment is painful and usually brief because the game is 'balanced' for DPS uber alles. Most of the damage done in PvP simply bypasses the shields / defense and armor.
The good pvp teams who know how to prioritise, lock-down and focus-kill a target mean that you won't really survive any longer than anyone else (or at least, in most scenarios you'll be stuck behind the pit-room door just as long as anyone else). If you're in a PUG, find a healer, guard him and stick to him like glue. Do your best to keep him alive for a couple of seconds longer. If there's no healer in the PUG you're probably better re-speccing to a damage build and joining the DPS fest. You won't notice any marked drop in survivability and maybe you'll take a couple of the other team down with you.