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What is up with PUGs this week? Ive rage quit multiple times today across 4 level 50 characters trying to finish the HM daily.

Had a PUG with 2 15k health healers(one of the DPS commandos was in healing stance the entire time). I was only ever healed when my health dropped below 30%(I was the tank and held aggro on everything). Almost died to the pack in front of the first cutscene door in Kaon. Rage quit.

Had a PUG with 3 people between 12-14k health. the hell do people still have under 15k health with free recruit/tionese? Rage quit.

Accepted an already-in-progress Ilum with another DPS. I knew the first pack would start to aggro if the FP takes too long, so I stayed at the transporter and mentioned this to the group. But nope, the clueless DPS that arrived with me aggroed them and got me killed. Rage quit.

Ended up in a fresh Battlefield for Ilum. I told them right at the start to hug the rails and follow me(I went slow). Two didn't listen and died from the exaust zone. Had to kill the first pack because they took too long. Still feeling patient, I kept going. Instead of following me, the clueless tank kept following the rails ALL THE WAY TO THE END. He jumped off, then ran through 3 packs to get to where I was standing. Rage quit.

Next up, Taral V. A DPS dropped out right at the start. I stopped before the first non-skippable pack because I know that pack respawns fast and our 4th member wouldn't be able to get passed it alone. Our healer and DPS kept going without me. Not only did they get past the first non-skippable pack, but ended up aggroing the mini-boss just up ahead. Our new 4th member arrived just in time to watch the other derps die. Still feeling patient, I pressed on. After the first boss, our derpy DPS and healer managed to aggro 3 skippable packs... at the same damn time. Somehow we lived and I pressed on. We went around the building that held the 2nd boss, but our derpy DPS was at it again. Rage quit.

I hate the holidays.
Ahaha Skip less and actually kill the easy thrash so you end up suffering less unnecassry deaths! Less skipping, less wiping
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