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12.26.2012 , 03:53 AM | #82
I have only rage quit when a few things happen. Mostly if someone has less than 15k hp (Tionese& Recruit is going to add up to 16k at least!) or if I check the tank and they are in dps gear/spec (Also, being a Shadow Tank, when I do Rep side on my healer/dps ... I can tell FOR SURE if they aren't spec'ed XD). These people in 13k-14k hp just want to be carried through stuff (I wouldn't do it to people, why should I let them do it to me?). The only reason I don't quit when they have the mix is because I believe that if they are at least TRYING somewhat then I have no problem.

It would also have to depend on the HM FP as well ... did a BT HM on my Jugg DPS (18k hp) with a healer at 18K, DPS Sorc at 16K and the Jugg Tank at 19K ... NO wipes ... NO deaths ... Good run, no hassle. (Strange how it works out huh?)
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