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12.26.2012 , 01:56 AM | #265
im sorry everyone but if 40k and Star wars came to blows then you might as well bury Star wars right now

their ships are bigger and their are more of them

they have THE most nastest armies in the gaming universes

the death star is nothing compaired to the both the power of the planet killer and the black stone fortrasses

and where Star Wars has marality the 40k universe has none they will give no quater and wouldnt want any in return
the only thing the 40k universe has known in the past 50 thousand years has been nothing but war and as such is more than geared up for it

now thatss just the imperial side of things the other side is that the other races in the 40k universe are all equal in the fact that they would be more than happy to rip the hear out of any enemy they came to blows with
(please forgive the spelling mistakes)