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You guys are great! I'm absorbing all the conversation and learning a bunch as I go. Too bad I probably won't play the ME series; it looks more like a FPS with roleplaying elements. I'm not really into FPS'..
Ooh, wow *coughs*, how am I gonna make this on topic...

I seriously suggest to reconsider. ME has the most amazing story, spanning over three games (so far), and the combat element is really negligent, believe me. I'm not into FPS either and I loved it. I ended up loving this more than I expected, more than DA (never thought this could be possible), and the game has even had me crying here and there. You'd really miss out on a great experience, a true Bioware gem that you could only wish would stand as an example for SWTOR, writing-wise... I'd recommend playing at least ME3, since ME1 may look a little old-ish and ME2 is a little more action oriented than both other games. The full experience of it is really worth playing through all of them though.

Especially ME3 has been mentioned a few times as an example how companions can turn out with a sexuality different than previously perceived and still be believable. If they adopted this model for SWTOR, I really think having some of our favourite comps as SGR options could be quite possible. I'm looking at you, Corso....

On a different note, merry Christmas everyone! Gonna have go to work now, yeah, life sucks at times.