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You and I have danced around this several times.

The T2 flashpoints are a different class of difficulty than the T1 flashpoints. Just like the T2 operations are in a different class of difficulty than the T1 operations.

Tier 2 ramps up the difficulty a lot, but ramps up the rewards a little. This is a Good Thing(tm)

It gives a reason to become better players. If they can't bring the skill, they can always overgear it. And *surprise* the rewards are therefore LESS.

The way things currently stand, T1 stuff is tuned for the less skilled players, and T2 is tuned for the more skilled players. If you are less skilled and trying to do T2 stuff, you overgear it. Everyone wins.
Exactly. Each Tier will increase the skill requirement until even wearing BiS you won't be able to just go "derp a derp Imma smashing my 1-2-3-4 combo again again, derp! Derp!" Eventually people will either have to accept that they need to get better or will go "this game is impossible" (despite thousands of other people having no issues).
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