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Wazup Basitoners!

Hi basitoners , as you all know we are getting close to new years. I would like to put together a world PvP best 2 of 3 event in honor of the new year! The Window for each round in the event will be 1-2 hours +/-. The planets are as follows... january 1-10

1. Tatooine

2. Hoth

3. Ilum / Varies

For each of the rounds the PvP will start at a given location on each map ( Dune Sea , Battle For Ilum , To be decided) and will last intill 1 faction manages to drive the other away. vent and all the other standards of Ofc aloud and companions may or may not be used ( show some skill fight without them! ) Dates will be between January 1-10 and will be changed if necessary to fight some players schedules.

If we get a fair amount of players we should consider making this a common " thing " . Intill then HF basitoners and see you there roster will be uploaded soon.
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