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Mercs do fine on offense, quit trying to buff what doesn't need to be buffed. They said they're looking into some sort of escape so leave it at that. The dps is fine.
Polite assassin honestly you are an idiot. I see you post all the time and I get sick of it since apraently you don't even play in ranged classes. Merc dps is fine from the pure perspective of the damage done by attacks, but you aren't considering the environment these attacks are done in.

When even a 2 foot tall box in pvp counts as LOS or a small dip in the ground can make a cast cancel. You might not even realize it, but it does. When you count in the multiple ways most classes can stop casts, in combat stealth, interrupts (force charge), Mez, knock-backs and pulls casting isn't very easy, its quite the opposite. If pvp dps merc was like fighting an operations boss where you can freely cast to create damage it would be fine. But in pvp you are fighting real people and varying situations where LOS can even occur by accident and where getting a cast off in near impossible under pressure, its not fine.

Perhaps you should see it from the mercs perspective. Even if they are given another escape it won't change the situation the mercenary class is in. They need more than survivability buffs, they need ways to actually accomplish their casting or they will never be viable.
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