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12.25.2012 , 09:44 PM | #5
Why? well im sure Mercs/Sorcs/Ops DPS have all been looking for love or help since 1.2 and non of them have really seen it?

Wait the sorc Chain lightning/wrath nerf was warranted because it did too much AOE damage? Funny you say that when deathfeild and chain lightning are only longer cooldowns on smash and do less damage combined than one smash.

I'm sorry but I don't sympathize much, bubble stuns are broken , but the entire class balance of this game is pretty broke. Smashers hitting 7k smashes against geared targets, Marauders bet in game pvp utility and defensive cooldowns and assassins being able to 1v1 any class are all broken. Many of us players of "less optimal" pvp Class/specs have been waiting for almost the entire games duration to just be brought up to par enough to play in rated.

Just in case you cna't figure out who I'm talking about

-DPS ops
-DPS sorcs
-All merc specs
-Tank PT

You barely even see mercs anymore in pvp, I wonder why........
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