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It's easy to return to this thread over and over again, since it's so much fun reading.

I still can't wait to see more
More is coming. RIGHT NAO!!

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Far out.

Holy Sith.

I can't even.

I started reading this thread a few months back, got to about 1/3 of the way through it, then uni and finals and assignments hit me like a brick to the head so I stopped. I've come back to this in the last week and have been reading it non stop 'till now.

What a mind-blowing story!!! An absolute mind-f**k!!! LOL!!! But it's amazing! Definitely amazing. I love Quinn. He's my favourite character and not even the Quinncident could stop me loving him ... although it hurt hahaha. This story is just so ... so damn excellent!!! I just can't even ... I can't even believe it. haha.

I'll be reading the rest of your stuff that's for sure!!!
Wow, talk about making a girl blush! I'm glad you're enjoy the story so far. Part Two starts right the heck now!!

Thanks for reading and thanks for being patient. Part Two starts NOW!!
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