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12.25.2012 , 09:24 PM | #1
Been away for 4+ months, from before the nerf. Even allowing for accumulated rust it feels like I am playing a different class in pvp. Theoretically with ap and sticky grenade stacking the burst should be greater and yet I am having issues bringing targets down. Specifically, when I quit I was 5 pieces short of full eliminator war hero, all gear augmented. Despite that I got to a point where some well known dps juggs stopped being a huge issue; I was able to counter them and was competetive. Now they wipe the floor with me even though I am only 1 piece short of full WH. 1.6 came out just a couple of weeks ago and even so the new gear is barely an improvement. Really don't understand what's missing and doubt improvement in timing will produce the result I am looking for. Thinking Hickware went too far with the snare nerf.
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