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12.25.2012 , 08:57 PM | #317
First, thank you all for your feedback. It's wonderful to see what people thought of my little story! I am not going to give any kind of timeframe because I really have no idea, but I am brainstorming for the sequel. Yes, there's going to be a sequel. Rejoice.

And now, the reason for my post! Aside from blatant, unabashed self-promotion, of course. You see, over the course of writing "Afterimages," things didn't always quite turn out the way I wanted them. Some scenes underwent heavy revision, and others were cut entirely. I plan on making a series of posts showcasing some of these scenes. Isn't bonus material wonderful?

To begin, we have my original version of the prologue. It's completely different from the present version, and is, like many of the scenes I will be posting, unfinished. I seem to have a tendency to give up on scenes right when they get to the interesting parts.

Anyway, here it is.


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