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12.25.2012 , 07:38 PM | #65
Things i'd like to be changed.

Jedi guardian/SIth Warrior. Remove autocrit from smash/force sweep. No more power/surge stacking. It has to go.

Operative/Scoundrel dps is fine. No changes there needed.

Merecnary/Commando dps is fine as pyro. Some are doing nice numbers, most do not. They are easy to solo and that is all.

Sorcerer/Sage needs some serious burst. We die so fast in light armor. Maybe make alacrity shorten the dot's duration (faster dot ticks). Or make our death field increase the damage of our next dots by 40-50%? Also don't like the force management in madness spec. As hybrid or lightning it may be ok but not in madness. You can run out very fast esp vs few healers (our basic attack is melee! and doesn'r restore our force lol!). Reduce the cost of force lightning or increase the force regen when using force lightning if specced in madness tree. Bubble stuns won't be needed if the smash/force sweep issue is fixed (autocrit removed).