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I also might add that juggs/guardians are pretty insane at the moment. I've seen them do as much as sentinels and still offer taunts and guarding for points.

I think the main thing that is making PvP bad is that Force Sweep and Dispatch are just so far out there for the classes that nothing can stand up to them. It really is a game of who has the most guardians on the team and at least one healer.

Scrapper Scoundrel's DPS concern is not just energy problems, it's that there is no good rotation (it's even worse in PvE) and the fact that they are doing so little damage now that everyone has expertise it's pointless to play as them because every single other dps class does more damage and has more utility. The stuns the scoundrel have are way less powerful over all than the stuns that a guardian has, but they cause resolve to build up more. A guardian for example can leap, stun, force choke, snare, and given a couple more seconds leap again or guardian leap to get closer if you happen to be able to run away, all while doing 4x the damage.
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