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Yes you're right that vs is used a lot but you're missing the point. Force attacks account for a large portion of our rotation and the other skills don't really suffer when hey whiff, thus it's more dps efficient to prioritize damage over accuracy on gear and in skills. Most sins I know put 0 accuracy on their gear.
With that in mind, putting an accuracy talent somewhere in our tree would be pointless because nobody would take it over something else that we actually care about.
Agreed. A crit talent would be much more helpful.

However, in this petition to BW I wasn't asking for a new thing to be designed but to move an existing/misplaced one to a subclass that can actually have use of it. Sorc healers don't need accuracy but have it; assassins could use it but don't have one. Simply an idea to move it over in their next balance pass.
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